๐Ÿ“ˆ OCTA: Things Moving Back Up! ๐Ÿ”„

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0:00 Introduction
1:28 The Good
1:49 Crypto Market Last 7 Days/Bitcoin
2:00 Crypto Market Last 7 Days/US$
2:34 Digital Asset Fund Flows – Large Inflow
3:26 Flows by Asset
4:06 Crypto Stats Today
4:29 T-Minus 71 Days
4:52 BTC Mthly Returns – FEB Up 1.48% So Far
5:26 F&G – Bounces Right Back to 64 – Greedy
5:42 New ETFs Absorbed 181K BTC in 17 Days
6:24 More GBTC Dumpage Ahead
7:21 Bitcoin Market Momentum
9:56 Supports My Theory – HODLers Moving to ETFs
10:37 Solana Outage – Price Steady
11:24 Solana Bounces off $94 3x in 3 Weeks
11:56 Cause of Block Production Issue on SOL
12:34 Toly on Today
13:21 SOL Saga 2 Phone – 60K Pre orders
14:06 Monero Delisting
16:10 CLSK to Double Hash By Summer
16:39 CLSK Jumps
17:53 CLSK on ATR: And We Are Back
18:47 Tesla Huge Lift in Feb So Far – Historic Slow Time
19:16 Miners Rebound Nicely
19:57 China Liquidity Coming: Traders Front Run Stks
20:48 Alibaba Back Up Nicely Too
21:13 The Bad
21:17 Donโ€™t Trust Iphone or Android Apps
22:47 BTC Nasdaq Correlation
23:27 AltSeason Down to 65
23:36 Top 50 Last 90 Days vs BTC
24:04 Stock Market Last 7 Days/US$
24:38 Congrats Nancy!
24:54 NVDA – Will Run Out of Steam?
25:37 USA Truflation
26:20 UK Truflation
27:02 Global Liquidity Keeps Dropping – Strange!
27:25 China vs India – Who Will Win?
28:38 Want a Recap?
28:51 The Ugly
28:54 FakeToshi Donโ€™t Even Dress Like Satoshi!
30:33 Big Unlocks This Week
31:05 Red Sea Disruption – 1 Year

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