🔍Great Bitcoin Mystery: How Many Coins Remain?

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0:00 Introduction
01:03 IA = Intelligence Amplification
01:33 Reminder How Coins Are Lost
02:40 Top Lost Coin Cases
02:53 Satoshi Nakamoto 1.04M BTC
03:22 Mirceau Popescu 1M BTC
03:40 Toshihiko Tanaka 400,000 Bitcoin
04:08 SegWit Address
04:44 Individual X: 69,000 Bitcoin
05:10 Gerald Cotten 10-20K Bitcoin
05:33 Alex Jones 10,000 BTC
06:11 James Howells 7,500 BTC
06:51 Stefan Thomas 7,002 BTC
07:17 Mark Frauenfelder 7.4 BTC
07:49 Thousands of Others
08:33 IA Top Known Lost Coins
08:50 Fortune – 4M Lost 6 Years Ago
09:20 Today: Coins Lost – Cypherock – LINK
10:04 Bitcoin Supply Distribution May 2023
10:39 Lost = 28.6%
10:59 Bitcoin Inflation Rate Falling to 0.83% in 10 mths
11:34 Today only 7.5% Left to be Mined
12:02 Bitcoin on Exchanges – This TIME is Different!
13:03 What this means for Remaining 7.5%
13:29 The Last Bitcoin Will Take 40 Years to Mine
13:38 Wait… It Gets Worse
13:56 According to Cane Island Digital Research (CIDR) 4% of circulating bitcoins are lost every year!
14:08 BTC Year 2048 w 4% Drain
15:00 BTC Year 2048 w 1% Drain
15:57 Bitcoin Will Definitely Be Deflationary after 2027
16:20 Philosophy of Satoshi Nakamoto
16:40 Conclusion: Bitcoin is Absolutely Deflationary
16:59 Absolute Scarcity
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