Americans want crypto regulations more than Marijuana regulations: Survey

The US has better regulations for Marjuana in comparison to cryptocurrencies, the Internet and social media. Recently, Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll organised a survey for voter suggestions on which industry regulations should be tightened. 

The survey was conducted on January 18-19, 2023. Around 2050 registered voters participated.The detailed report of the survey constitutes 53 pages. 

The survey was conducted to know the opinions of Americans on regulation on specified sectors like Cryptocurrencies, consumer privacy and securities on the internet, social media, nuclear energy, electric vehicles, Coal, Marijuana and Gas stoves. 

The results are quite astonishing. 33% of the total voters voted for more regulations on Marijuana; 22% voted that regulations should be kept the same; and 45% percent voted that there should be less regulation on Marijuana in the United States.

Around 57% voted that there should be more and tougher regulations for the crypto industry, 21% of them believe that regulations should remain the same and 22% believe that less rules and regulations should be implemented in cryptocurrencies. 

Although Americans are concerned about their privacy and security on the Internet and among the 2050 voters, 55% voters favoured more regulations for privacy and security of internet users, 23% believe that the existing rules should remain while 23% thinks that there should be less regulations. 

Source: Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll

The only thing people said should be more regulated than cannabis was gas stoves. 

In a survey conducted by PEW Research Center in the second half of 2022, 10% of the respondents said Cannabis should be totally illegal.

Legalisation of marijuana was first  done in California in 1996 for medical uses but in the due course of time, it was legalised in 39 states and the District of Columbia. Marijuana is used for recreational or adult-use in DC including 21 other states. 

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