Biggest Bitcoin News of the Year:ARK vs IA Price Models

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00:00 Introduction
00:55 The Story
01:50 Mea Culpa from Q1 2022
02:27 Trillions Coming to BTC?
02:37 Larry Fink
03:39 Bitcoin Adoption up 72x in 10 Years
04:05 Blackrock ESG Investing Discipline
04:38 Blackrock and the ESG Narrative
05:38 ESG Irony Not Lost on Me
06:06 Theory as to Why Bitcoin Now
07:10 Blackrock Bitcoin ETF Launch
08:05 Schwab ETF
08:20 Enter Ark: #328: Coinbase & BlackRock Partner To Provide Institutions Access To Bitcoin
09:05 5 Days After My Blackrock BTC Model
09:44 IA vs Ark
10:38 IA Vs Ark on Bitcoin Supply
11:43 IA Model Based on Scarcity Principle
12:55 Ark Optimal Bitcoin Allocation Simulation
13:39 IA Vs Ark on Institutional Money Flow
16:05 If Blackrock Allocates 0.5% – Bitcoin is Gone!
16:20 IA Vs Ark Model Summaries
16:44 Different Approaches – Similar End Targets
17:48 Key Difference is Scarcity Principle
18:07 Future is Bright
18:10 Final Conclusion

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