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00:00 Introduction
01:13 Where to Ask Questions
01:25 Bitcoin was created in 2009 (14 years). The world wide web was created in 1989. Just 11 years after the web was invented, over 50% of people in Canada and Norway were online. In 2005, over a billion people were online. Doesn’t that mean that bitcoin is lagging and we are not early? (In comparison to the uptake of the web.)”
02:04 Internet was invented in the 1960s
02:37 Computers of the 1970s
03:19 Drivers of Internet Adoption
03:40 Canadians Are Quite the Early Adopters
04:32 Bitcoin Is Still Early in Comparison
06:22 Simpler View of Adoption
07:56 4 months on from the November crash, is there any data to show the Solana ecosystem dropping in activity (Not just DAU but more on the developer side)?
09:03 SCP Total Devs
09:43 SCP Devs Shrinkage Last 90 Days
10:57 SCP Devs Commits
11:44 SCP Total Repos
12:36 Market Cap per Developer
13:34 Overall Dev Winners per IA Compendium
14:12 I tried to calculate the exact date of the next halving and came up with this: Next halving will be at block 840,000. Mined blocks today (13 March 2023 18:41) 780,658 blocks (Source:, Blocks left to next halving: 59,342 blocks, Blocks mined per hour = 6 blocks = 9.890 hours to go, we have 24 hours per day = 412.1 days to go, Today = 13 March + 412,1 days = 28-4-2024. What is your calculation?
14:46 BTC Clock
15:02 Calculated Estimate
15:13 Why Does It Vary?
15:54 With recession on the horizon, should one wait before deploying $$ in the NASDAQ, or bite the bullet and DCA in?
16:26 Pivot After Rampage = Dip!
19:31 Although I enjoy the plethora of models that you create and share, how do you prioritize which ones are most valid/reliable? Particularly in the current marketplace where change is accelerating exponentially? When does data overload negate the value of singular a singular model?
20:05 The Bots are Coming – We Have 3 Yrs Left
20:36 We Built Models To Eliminate Trading Errors
21:52 BTC Top and Bottom Indicator:
22:36 DCA on Steroids to Optimize Your DCA:
23:23 Layer Out Model:
23:41 ARB Cloud to Pair Trade BTC Proxies:
24:07 IA Macro Model & Macro Benchmark Calculator
24:49 Confluence Model:
25:34 Mean Reversion Model:
25:57 IA Trend Model:
26:27 Optimized Trend – Custom Per Asset:
26:56 Confluence Edge With Backtest:
27:50 Re: Tesla, wondering if you could address the new Tesla engine and your thoughts?
28:04 Old vs New
28:29 Hairpin Motor vs Round Wire Motor
29:03 Rare Earth Elimination in Phase 2 w Hairpin
29:58 Rare Earth War
30:36 I’ve heard the bank collapse issue described as an epic disaster for tech startups who can’t pay staff. Are there any crypto projects whose daily operations/finances have been wrecked by the trad-fi banking crash?
30:51 Impact of SVB
31:39 Crypto Exposure to SVB
32:30 More Shoes To Drop – Regional Bank Crisis
32:55 Janet is Giving Crypto Jobs a Good Look!
34:26 Helping Animals

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