Bitcoin History just Broke! More cascading liquidations


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0:00 The Story
0:20 History is broken – Below previous bull run ATH.
0:40 This is a Flush Out of Leverage
1:20 Cascading liquidations
1:50 No Bullish Signs – Only Ominous Ones
2:10 In a recession – no growth in Q2
2:33 ATL Fed Q2 GDP Now at Zero!
3:00 Nasdaq vs 10 Yr Yield YTD
3:28 BTC Drops out of top 10
4:00 BTC Dom Tanks to 41.97%
5:00 BTC RSI at all time Low – PlanB
5:20 200 Week Moving Avg Smashed
5:51 BTC 200W MA – Blue Zone ie 70% off ATH
6:10 Liquidations $275M
6:34 FNG at 6
07:00 Celsius Update – What we know so far
08:40 stETH/ETH Pool Disjointed
09:14 stETH
09:55 Celsius’s Risk Increases as stETH Falls
10:15 Celsius Bitcoin Liquidation Price – $13.6K
11:00 MakerDAO Votes – Reducing Celsius Exposure
12:15 One Sign of Hope
13:00 Perhaps a Second Sign
13:49 Perspective
14:31 DCA into FIAT Future Value Calculator – DCA’ing into FIAT next 10 years w 200K becomes 92K -thanks sunjay for inspiration
15:00 Wisdom Per Jim Stack – “The ‘good news’ is that this will ultimately lead to one of the best buying opportunities in decades,” he writes. “But for now, patience is paramount.”
Still, it isn’t the end of the world. Jim Stack, president of InvesTech Research

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