Challenged that Market Bottom is NOT In. My response to this community member.

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0:00 opening
00:03 Introduction
01:40 Ghost Chains Haven’t Died
01:55 Ghost Chains Become Zombie Chains
03:12 Miners Haven’t Fully Capitulated
03:36 Current Capitulation Narrative Overstated
04:52 China Ban Capitulation vs Current
05:28 Mt Gox Unlock is Still an Unknown
05:44 Mt Gox Unlock Details
06:12 IA Thoughts on Numbers
06:30 Bitcoin Price if 20% Sold
07:09 Bitcoin Price if 33% Sold
07:23 Bitcoin Price if 50% Sold
08:00 Incoming Regulation of Stablecoins
08:47 Basic SC Regulation That is Needed
09:15 Slim Chance of Anything Passing in 2022
09:50 Incoming Securities Regulation
10:19 New Bill: BTC and ETH are Commodities
10:54 SEC Will Go After Securities
11:37 XRP Case is a Case in Point
12:15 Institutions and Tesla Selling BTC
12:40 On Chain – 80% Of Buys are 10k+ BTC
13:45 Fallout of Coinbase Insider Trading Case
14:32 Gamefi as a Use Case for Crypto Sucks
14:49 Popularity of Crypto Games Says Otherwise
15:28 Big Gaming Studios Beg to Differ
16:00 Industry Still Has A Lot To Work Through…
16:29 High Cost Per Active User On Chains
17:33 But You Play to Where the Puck is Going to be
19:40 Looming Food Shortage
19:55 Sri Lanka
20:15 Food Shortage Impact on Economy
21:00 Putin Will Cooperate
21:25 Looming Worldwide Debt Crisis
22:33 Inventories to cause Revenue and Margin Misses
23:00 Retailers Will Get Hit… but $AMZN up 40% in 40d
23:33 Switching Gears from Inventories – ISM
24:37 Zombie Firms – Prob 30%
25:15 1% of Companies Generate 48.4% of Return
25:35 Conclusion – Back the Winners
25:45 Stagflation
28:00 Stock Market During Recessions
29:06 Stock Market During Recessions Graphic
29:47 China Taiwan War
30:55 China War
31:53 Overall Scorecard
33:26 30,000 Ft Summary
34:08 Conclusion #2
35:00 Conclusion #3 Risk Reward

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