Crypto Confidence Collapsing

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0:00 The Story
1:00 Breaking News
2:00 Genesis Bankruptcy News Real Time MSM vs TWTR
2:20 Bernstein Says Grayscale Safe from Genesis
3:21 Price of Bitcoin on Thanksgiving
5:20 Largest BITCOIN Outflows Ever
6:35 51% of Bitcoin Addresses are Underwater
6:57 Cohort Coin Breakdown
8:00 Only Cohort Dumping 1K to 10K BTC
8:45 BTC Addresses Hit New ATH
9:11 Recession Looming – YCI Perfect Harbinger
10:08 Hashrate Crushing Miners – Hashprice ATL
11:09 Genesis Received $1BN in FTT BS
12:00 FTX Rug Next Level
12:29 Kucoin’s Reserves per The Block Research
13:07 $COIN Bond Market Truth
14:24 Coinbase Down 90% in a year
14:45 $MSTR Bond Market Truth
15:34 Microstrategy Down 80% in a year
15:45 Bitcoin Down 77% in a year
15:59 Crypto Shakeout Silver Lining
16:30 Mark Cuban Capitulating – Losing Faith
17:33 Bill Ackman Hot for Helium HNT
18:35 Bill Ackman Investor Profile by IA
19:00 The IA Investor Archetypes

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