Former SEC official warns about crypto regulatory onslaught

The crypto markets heated up after the FTX debacle and all the negative events that happened in 2022. It showed why there is a need for crypto regulation for investor protection. The authorities have even started closely investigating companies and projects in the name of regulations. So, a former SEC official recently warned about the crypto regulatory onslaught that is just beginning.

The crypto regulatory onslaught is just beginning

John Reed Stark, a former SEC official, warned that the actions that the SEC has been taking against many crypto firms are just the beginning. Considering that John was a part of the enforcement office of the SEC for more than a decade, his words are to be taken seriously. Some of the actions that the SEC took, which John pointed out, are stopping Coinbase from launching its lending platform and hitting BlockFi for not registering their lending platform with the authorities.

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The SEC will not stop, and without proper regulations and clarity, it will be like pushing companies under the bus. For example, just recently, the SEC charged Gemini for allegedly selling securities to retail investors via its Gemini earn crypto program. Considering there is no clear barrier between crypto and securities, it is again a strong step by the SEC.

Many well-known personalities are also warning investors to get out of crypto now because the SEC is going to try and clean up the space extensively.

Crypto industry in the US is in trouble

Considering that the SEC is taking such strong steps, it is clear that the crypto companies in the US are in trouble. If the SEC doesn’t stop this slaughter, it could even force companies to move out of the US and relocate. Plus, it doesn’t set a good precedent for other countries as well. Most nations look up to the US for their approach toward new things, and if they have a negative outlook toward crypto, it is bound to affect the industry all over the world.

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