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The ways in which web3 and the blockchain will change our every day lives is only just beginning to be explored. What started as an alternative currency and a better financial system has transmogrified into so much more. The metaverse, a symbiotic virtual reality overlaid and interconnected with our own ‘meatspace’, to use Gibson’s term, is coming to fruition. Fantastic projects with diverse aims are leveraging the digital ownership and P2P value-exchange of the blockchain and combining it with advances in AR and VR tech to open up a new landscape of endless possibilities in cyberspace.

What is Dexioprotocol?

Dexioprotocol is one such innovative project. Bridging the gap between traditional enterprise and the web3 revolution, Dexioprotocol is an augmented reality ecosystem with an entire suite of interactive, blockchain-powered games that help make crypto mainstream.

Their flagship product, DexiHunter, plays akin to Pokemon GO where, instead of capturing Pikachus and Hitmonchans, players collect crypto from various locations sprinkled around the real-world environment. A worldwide augmented reality universe, the ‘Dexiverse’ is full of incredible opportunities.

Alternative Marketing for Real World Businesses

Businesses can tap into the community within the game to offer up bounties for avid adventurers and in doing so promote their businesses to a whole new, wealthy, young, and engaged market segment. Players can use QR codes issued by DEXI partners and take advantage of local business knowledge to unlock experiences in the real world they would have otherwise never discovered. Just as Pokemon GO has launched would be shut-ins into the great outdoors, so DexiHunter lets crypto fanatics earn rewards for visiting amazing real world locations and exploring local possibilities when they are there.

Exploration Rewards for Users

Bounties are more than just crypto, and even more than just the protocol’s native token, $DEXI. Players can collect a whole range of crypto bounties, including $BTC, as they investigate the local environs. They can also find DexiCash, a non-blockchain in-game currency for all the DexiGameVaults’s games.

Players are also able to collect special NFTs, and participate in AR events either created by Dexi or put on by the local businesses with which they partner. Dexioprotocol is in the process of dividing the world into DexiZones, with the boundaries defined by the DexiDAO.

The DexiZones

Voting on where these zones will be and how large they are is fully decided by the DAO, with voting power unlocked through DexiGov tokens, gained by staking $DEXI tokens. Each zone is indicated by an NFT, and the owner of that NFT can collect royalties on activity within their zone, paid every 5th of the month, and the NFT can be sold on to other DexiZone operators. Active operators can boost activity in their own DexiZone and in doing so boost the value of the NFT associated with it.

Games at the Front of the P2E Revolution

DexiHunter is just the start of the Dexiverse, however. Dexioprotocol has a whole suite of interconnected games for players to play.

DexiDragons lets users collect and curate their own team of Chibi dragons and take them into battle against other players to win prizes and tournaments, as well as an entire PvE experience. DexiKnights is a massive RPG where players can level up their characters and their NFT weapons before taking their champion into the gladiatorial arena to battle against other players for the ultimate prize. The ‘Play-to-Own’ model through the sale of NFT weapons and battlepasses is community-focused, with revenue distributed to the playerbase on a weekly, monthly and seasonal basis.

Away from the more intense experiences Dexioprotocol offers is the DexiCarnival, a set of fast paced arcade mini-games for the casual user who may not have the time or skill to play other more serious games but still wants to earn Dexioprotocol ecosystem rewards. Coin drop, Skeeball, Air Hockey, Claw Machine, and Ballista are already games available at the Carnival, with more to be added as the ecosystem expands.

All NFTs, DexiCash, and other in-game items can be traded and exchanged in the DexiGameVault. Assets in Dexioprotocol games are not landlocked to their particular title, and progress in one game can be transported to another as and when the player sees fit. The interoperability of gaming universes is key to the web3 gaming metaverse, and the Dexi ecosystem works in exactly that way, creating mutually beneficial economies within and around its suite of games. The CreatorHub lets users mint new NFTs and assets within the Dexi ecosystem for use in game, creating another revenue stream for the community.

The $DEXI Token and Its Uses

$DEXI, the underlying token, powers all of this. $DEXI is used to buy, sell and mint NFTs in the CreatorHub and the Gamevault. $DEXI is also used for reward redemption. If you collect $BTC through DexiHunter, for example, a small amount of $DEXI is required to redeem the reward. Dexioprotocol will also have a DeFi component. As well as staking $DEXI to earn it, you can pair with $ELK or $USDC and participate in liquidity farming. Finally, DexiGov ($DGV) is earned through staking $DEXI, and it is through DGV that users can participate in governance – for example the formation of new DexiZones. Operators of DexiZones will also need to stake $DEXI.

Recently, Dexioprotocol completed its migration to Polygon (having previously been solely on BSC), and is now a multi-chain token. Dexioprotocol is committed to creating an AR-metaverse that is accessible to all, and is fully interoperable with wider blockchain economies, and the move to Polygon consecrates that desire.

Dexioprotocol: Ready to Launch into a Brave New World

Dexioprotocol’s flagship gaming ecosystem is due to launch in Q1 2023 on the Apple and GooglePlay stores, moving out of a successful year of Beta where thousands of players have already enjoyed their innovative games and engaged with the AR-powered DexHunter to collect rewards. As more players flood in, the ecosystem is predicted to grow, with more rewards being flushed widely through the playerbase as more and more businesses take advantage of the possibilities of AR. The time of the builders is coming to an end, and the bull is champing at the bit to begin. Dexioprotocol’s ecosystem is prepared, and ready to take its place as a trailblazer in the new world of web3.


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