Looking at Binance’s Regulation Efforts

A look into Binance’s many strides towards gaining the approval of regulators across the globe.

Check Yes, Binance

With financial laws widely differing country-to-country, maintaining regulatory compliance can be challenging for even small businesses – let alone enormous ones like Binance. Despite this, Binance has continued to prove its dedication towards gaining compliance in as many countries as possible. 

Below is a selection of articles covering Binance’s efforts at maintaining regulatory compliance across the globe.

Binance Regulations: A Year in Review

While Binance has certainly been busy in 2022 in regards to regulatory compliance, 2021 was perhaps even more noteworthy. This article reviews Binance’s regulatory efforts in 2021, covering a variety of news on the topic.

Read the article here.

Binance in Regulation Crosshairs Amidst Reuters Report

2022 started off rocky for Binance after Reuters published an investigative report claiming that Binance had withheld information from regulators and engaged in other misconduct. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ for short) deemed the report ‘FUD’ and strongly denied any misconduct.

Read the article here and check out the article on CZ’s response here.

Binance Responds to Euro’s Decision on Russian Users

Crypto markets were shell-shocked after tensions between Ukraine and Russia erupted into outright war earlier this year. In an effort to maintain regulatory compliance, Binance elected to instate the global sanctions imposed against Russian denizens – while maintaining that the decision was made based on its commitment to following sanctions imposed by the global community.

Read about the reasons for following the sanctions and Binance’s perspective here.

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