LUNA Crypto Price – Has A Turbulent Year Killed LUNA, Or Can It Recover In 2023

LUNA was created after the massive crypto crash in May, with the primary goal of retaining the coin on the market by giving it a new name and look. Terra community has been trying to revive the project and started many initiatives to bring LUNA back on track. Nothing of these can promise its stability and sustainability in the future, though. 

There are projects and coins with similar established paths but much better long-term outlooks than LUNA. Experts in this field and innovative investors have turned to safer options, like Dash 2 Trade , an analysis platform for traders, or IMPT , the carbon footprints turned to the tokens. 

The developers have made a new generation of P2E platforms, Calvaria and RobotEra, to gain the popularity of these types of tokens and attract millions of users. All will keep the tokens stable on the list of the best currencies to invest in. 

LUNA price prediction

The Terra project was first announced at the beginning of 2018 as a universal payment system, making cryptocurrencies convenient for everyday use. It was launched in April 2019 with the main idea of creating a decentralized network for fast and scalable elements linked to stable currencies. 

However, developers approached this problem in a very non-standard way, overcoming the key disadvantages of existing stablecoins like centralization, low scalability, and unstable exchange rates. The Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism allowed Terra to self-stabilize stablecoins to the market. 

The programmable infrastructure and maintaining stablecoins’ value on the network should be possible by regulating their number. All should remain the coins pegged to the underlying assets. The currency should be stable next year with a flexible and practical monetarily oriented approach. 









The year that comes will be turbulent in many ways, especially for cryptocurrencies, so you should not take that risk with investing in LUNA. It is the moment to turn to more stable and safe options. Experts and crypto investors have already voted for more sustainable and promising currencies. Let’s see why Dash 2 Trade, IMPT, RobotEra, and Calvaria are much more innovative options for investing. 

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Why is investing in Dash 2 Trade wise decision?

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) is the currency with the most promising potential to return your investment quickly. Developers created an analysis platform with in-depth insight designed for experienced traders and newcomers. The platform helps in creating market-beating strategies in two levels of tiers. 

If you are a beginner in trading, you should join the primary option, where you can learn more about the platform and try some types of investing. Once you know more about it, you can go to the premium model, with notable presale launches, for affordable entry prices. 

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RobotEra – explore the world of robots

The developers have created an impressively attractive P2E model of gaming called RobotEra (TORO). The players can make their avatars and become robots in the world of robots and similar creatures. Not only can he get involved in the world as a player, but he can also participate in the same way.

You can join in the ecosystem, too, theme parks, concerts, and more. The robot, thus, you can share, operate, and trade with other NFT communities. As the presale is almost ended, the currency already has impressive growth, so you should consider it one of the best games and crypto to invest in. 

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Can you save the planet with IMPT?

As we know that investing in crypto dramatically affects the environment, developers work on more eco-friendly options. One of the most potential in that way is IMPT, a carbon-neutral eco-friendly currency with the impressive potential to return your investment in the long term. Each token you buy partially supports one of the 10,000 green projects worldwide. It has been supported by industries, individuals, and governments so far. 

When purchasing a token, you get your carbon footprint which can be turned into the crypto again. Not only is it an excellent investment, but it is also one of the resolutions for pollution. It is for sure that IMPT will become crypto with the high potential to multiply your money, knowing that you do not cause more problems to the planet. 

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Calvaria – the perfect option for those that love card games

In creating the most potential tokens to invest in, developers have been led by the idea that every person loves to play games. As the opposite of the other crypto-games, Calvaria (RIA) is made on the classic battle card game that every person loves to play. This time, though, the game is made online, so you can play with many people worldwide, investing in additions and avatars. It is the game’s primary goal, bringing the P2E games closer to ordinary people.

The game is created on two platforms, where the basic one is for beginners. You can train, learn, and improve your skills before going on the second one. After that, you can play with authentic players and have many more unique features, like NFTs, tokens, potions, skins, and more. You should hurry up to get your tokens. Thus, the coins are selling very fast. 

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LUNA is a highly volatile cryptocurrency that waits a long year to test the new methods of keeping the stable currency long-term. Although the Terra community has made impressive results in creating a new investing model, we must maintain trust in these volatile options. 

If you want to invest smartly, you should turn to the cryptos that have the potential to multiply your investment, primarily thanks to the way they were created, and the market will keep their value stable. An experienced team of developers made Dash 2 Trade to set currency apart from the competition. 

IMPT is an eco-friendly project with an impressive upward trajectory and great presale. Two P2E games, RobotEra and Calvaria, target a broad audience that promises excellent long-term sustainability potential. Take advantage of this opportunity to double your investment and hurry up to buy the coins for low prices!


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