Market Outlook w Alex Mashinsky

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0:00 Introduction
0:20 Worst is behind us
1:35 speed of wealth destruction
3:00 ANCHOR DEBACLE – I always called it a PONZI
3:57 Market Manipulation – the cause. of the unpeg
7:13 What the community wants to hear
7:50 Alex Zooming Out
9:45 $100K in a checking account over the past year cost you $8,300 in purchasing power. What is your take on inflation – peak out? and do u believe FED is boxed in? ie cannot raise too much but need a strong dollar after Q1 2022
13:00 Markets will turn when they see inflation under control
13:30 Are institutions buying or selling now? I know folks that said they would back up truck at 30-32K but LUNA made them pause. An inflation hedge is still very much needed.
15:30 Bitcoin took a lot of beating
16:20 Now and Monday we will find a bottom – then sideways – depends on inflation
17:40 Are. we in a crypto winter
20:30 Gary Gensler said he’s concerned that crypto exchanges aren’t putting up proper walls between different parts of their businesses such as custody, market-making, and offering a trading venue.
22:35 Are Algorithmic Stablecoins gone for good? what is next SC to implode? Near’s USN or Tron’s USDD? Different designs than Luna. Possibly a better peg defense. Talk of Tether USDT
25:35 USDC safest
26:00 Any CELSIUS exposure to LUNA? Delays in deposits and withdrawals of LUNA – this is why
28:10 How to survive the 2022 Bear Market
30:41 Coinbase 10Q Filing – unsecured creditors
33:20 Govt crackdown on Yield for new customers
35:40 Credit card Nationwide
36:10 Some are close to margin calls and vicious wicks like last nite – how are they handled?
39:10 Many are worried about CEL token, are funds at risk if CEL token goes down to zero?
41:46 Summary
42:40 Alex, what are the skills/qualities an ideal candidate would need to have to be hired at Celsius?
44:50 Thank you Alex

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