Meta Extended Its Partnership to Bring 52 Live Basketball Games to the Metaverse  

The evolution of the internet and the web is people interacting using virtual and augmented reality. Metaverse offers an immersive experience using augmented reality and online platforms.

To bring the basketball experience in VR to a new level, the NBA has extended its current partnership with Meta. Now basketball lovers can stream 52 live NBA games in VR for free.

On January 23, the company officially announced that it would broadcast the games on Xtadium. Xtadium, a metaverse application, offers co-watching VR live sports using the Meta Quest 2, Meta’s consumer headset.

The company will deliver 52 live NBA games on Meta Horizon Worlds, including five immersive 180-degree microscopic VR games in 2880. So that users can experience it as they are just sitting very close to the court, and they can also adjust the screen. Users can also watch game highlights and recaps.

To watch the NBA content with friends and support their favorite teams, users can visit NBA Arena in Meta Horizon Worlds. In the future, there is a possibility fans would  be able to access more content on the app with the NBA League Pass premium.

NBA-licensed apparel in Meta’s Avatar Store

Meta surprised fans by announcing that it will collaborate with the league to launch NBA-licensed apparel in Meta’s Avatar Store in the coming weeks. According to the blog post, users will purchase their desired NBA or WNBA team apparel for their Meta Avatar and showcase it across “Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and on the Meta Quest Platform.”

Sarah Malkin, Meta, director of metaverse media content, said, “VR’s superpower is making it possible to immerse yourself in shared experiences with friends and fans from around the world, and we are thrilled to bring these killer features to the NBA Arena and live games.”

Recent achievements of Metaverse

Metaverse is a 3D virtual world where users can work, play, and interact with one another by using virtual and augmented reality devices. Metaverse is limited to virtual gaming platforms, but companies are planning to push it into our lives.

Earlier, a news report revealed that Microsoft has a partnership with the World Economic Platform (WEF) in the development of Global Collaboration Village in the Metaverse. The theme of developing this digital world is to bring together famous personalities from all over the world to discuss the upcoming policies and major issues worldwide.

Ripple, a major crypto exchange platform, recently collaborated with Styngr and the recording group Armada to release Maladroid’s album on Metaverse. The innovative collaboration of music and the crypto world will change the Metaverse.

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