Never Tried the Metaverse? This New Crypto May Be the Place to Start – Here’s Why

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Metaverse games have recently made waves in Web3  due to their play-to-earn features, which allow players to earn returns while having fun.

One of the newest additions to the blockchain gaming industry is RobotEra. The Metaverse gaming project has hit the crypto space with its massive presale. But is TARO a worthy investment?

TARO’s Presale Has Been Successful So Far

One of the ways to identify a successful crypto project is the kind of attention it gets during presale and the overall presale record. Since its presale started in November, TARO has hit the ground running with impressive numbers. 

The TARO token is the coin that powers the RobotEra multiverse. Like every new crypto project, investors are bullish on the TARO token because of the potential that the coin offers in terms of profitability. 

Investors want to take advantage of the early opportunity to invest in TARO when the price is favorable, and that has contributed to RobotEra achieving the enormous success it has so far. 

At press time, the coin has raised over $400,000 in less than a month since the presale started. Interestingly, the presale is still in stage 1, where users can purchase 1 TARO token with 0.020 USDT. But, since investors have been extremely bullish on the token, the influx of investments will speedily transition the presale to stage 2 earlier than expected. 

The price of TARO will increase to $0.025 per token in stage 2. Early investors who purchase TARO during the first presale stage will save 25% of the second presale price. 

Metaverse Project With Impressive Roadmap

RobotEra is an upcoming Web3 gaming project that offers players and investors an immersive experience in the Metaverse. 

The planet-rebuilding game aims to create a robot-themed Metaverse with numerous features similar to the popular crypto project, Sandbox. In the virtual gaming universe, users will be able to connect in the form of robots and manage Metaverse real estate (TARO-Land), available as non fungible tokens (NFTs).

Since it’s similar to Sandbox, the question is, “What makes RobotEra unique?”

RobotEra has a well-structured and impressive roadmap, with the developers highlighting why it provides a unique long-term investment opportunity. The clearly defined roadmap has seen the project following the highlighted stages of development in accordance with what the developers say they will do. 

At a time when numerous crypto projects lose track of their plans and promise to their teeming customers, RobotEra has shown investors that the team is committed to ensuring that the game becomes the next big thing in the nearest future. As a result, RobotEra stands out from the competition, as investors have a clear and solid reason to believe in and back the project. 

Also, the story and design are complete compared to other Metaverse gaming projects, from gamers being able to create the virtual world of their dreams to investors having access to an immersive gaming experience that has the potential to increase their profits.

TARO will ultimately attract investors and players due to its current market outlook, especially its successful ongoing presale. The project’s massive potential, boosted by its solid team and a clear roadmap, will further drive its adoption and make it a rewarding investment for gamers and investors who invest early. 

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