OCTA: The Bitcoin Catalyst we Need!

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00:00 Introduction
01:00 The Good
01:06 Bitcoin Needs A Catalyst – This Could Be It!
02:18 The 2 Jacks
02:58 Biggest Bitcoin Development Is Strike
04:00 Strike Architecture
05:00 Volumes Compared Bitcoin vs Visa Mastercard
06:00 TAM of Disruption
07:00 The World is So Bad – Bitcoin Outperforming
07:33 Sven on Bitcoin
07:54 Asset September Month to Date – Decoupling?
08:40 Bitcoin Coin Days Destroyed Historic Lows
09:30 Rational Root – Bitcoin Heavily Undervalued
10:39 Altcoin Season – ALTS Rebound
11:21 Top 50 – Bitcoin Underperformers
11:55 Digital Asset Inflow – Still Positive
12:36 Money Flows By Crypto Asset
13:20 DXY Bitcoin Correlation Broke – but why?
13:54 Non US Countries Piling In
14:35 Of A Sudden the Big C is a Distant Memory
15:16 The Bad
15:19 STH Supply in Profit – Longest Compression Ever
17:20 Bitcoin Futures Remain Muted
17:55 Still Fearful
18:49 Bearish Sentiment Above 60
19:32 White House Claims BTC Thwarting Climate Efforts
20:20 Cleanspark Ratches up Hashrate 30% in 30 Days
21:00 Paying it Forward – BTC Miners
22:26 Debt Laden World Cannot Take This Load
23:16 US Mtg Rates More than Doubled since Jan
23:35 US Home Prices Swift Deceleration
24:45 US Manufacturing Crashing
25:37 Most Searched Assets on CMC
26:06 The Bad
26:10 Oh Larry…Lawrence Henry Summers is an American economist who served as the 71st United States secretary of the treasury from 1999 to 2001 and as director of the National Economic Council from 2009 to 2010.
26:50 Morgan Stanley: “Something is Gonna Break”

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