On Chain Technical Analysis: Rough Realities – with Bitcoin, Solana, ETH & more

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00:00 Introduction
00:51 Crypto Market Last Month/Bitcoin
01:16 Crypto Market Last 7 Days/US$
01:30 Stocks Last 7 Days/$ Tech is Back – Risk On?
02:12 The Ugly
02:30 Help No Longer Wanted
02:50 Did Big Tech Need to Lay Off Employees?
03:36 The E to the P ie Earnings Drives Price
04:15 Recession Indicators Reveal Remarkably Ravaged Realities
05:25 Economic Leading Indicators Tanking
06:03 PMI vs GDP
06:48 100 Hit Rate
07:35 Homebuyer Cancellations 68%
08:33 Liberté, égalité, Fraternité
09:38 Japan Shrinkage
09:56 The Bad
10:10 Market Cap is Meaningless
10:37 Trade Liquidity not Market Cap
11:51 Tether On the Rise Again
12:25 Fair Value?
14:00 Apple Needs a new iPhone
14:29 Apple’s New $3K Headset
15:12 SPX Weightings: Top 10 = 25%, top 20 35%
16:09 Gold vs DXY
16:41 Gold over 52 Years
17:22 The Good
17:26 Best January Since 2013
17:59 Bitcoin Run Begins at 68%
18:25 BTC Run Begins at 68% – already up 38% 25 days
21:26 BTC 3 Weeks In
22:06 Tech vs Bitcoin last 12 Mths
22:44 Still Bitcoin Season
23:00 Fear and Greed Index March 2022 Levels
23:26 Bitcoin 23K Struggle
24:04 More Positive Crypto Fund Inflows
24:42 Detailed Flows by Asset
25:15 92% of STH are in Profit
26:15 Bitcoin LTH Supply Keeps Growing
27:12 LTH, RP and STH CB
28:05 Bitcoin Exchange Reserve Draining
28:31 Bitcoin vs Gold vs Stocks 2023
28:59 Big 3 Last Week
29:42 ETH Holders Percent in Profit 61.5%
30:01 Apple of L1’s per Blockworks
30:50 Retail buy more TSLA last 6 mths than last 5 yrs
31:32 IElon’s Capital Allocation Skill Reminder
32:16 Investing By Personality Type

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