Palm Foundation Provides $45K Grant to NFT Artists at ZsONAMACO

The Palm Foundation has unveiled its latest grant for artists working to advance the development of digital artifacts, better known as NFTs. The organization, whose work centers around projects developed on the Palm Network, has issued an invitation to artists interested in sharing their work with a wider audience. It’s offering a $45K grant to creative talents who will have a chance to be seen at Patio by ZsONAMACO.

The exhibition will form an integral part of the Art Baja California art fair, set to take place on March 7-8 in California. The annual event attracts LATAM art fans from all over the world, providing a major boost to artists who are able to secure a spot for exhibiting their work. Artists selected by the Palm Foundation to appear at the fair will share in the spoils of the $45,000 grant.

From Digital to Physical

While the Palm Foundation’s work is focused on the Palm Network, its mission is less about architecture and more about philosophy. In other words, it’s interested in the caliber of the artists it nurtures, their values, and the positive impact their work can have on the world. The fact that the Palm Network’s low energy blockchain supports NFT minting at scale is merely a bonus.

That said, artists applying for a creative grant will be expected to mint an NFT featuring their work on the Palm Network. Not only will this be used to appraise the grant applicants, but it will allow the Palm DAO community to vote for their favorite work. The top pick will receive an extra $1,000.

The initiative has been put together in collaboration with Patio by ZsONAMACO, an outdoor exhibition of sculptures and other physical art that will be seen in the gardens of San Jose’s Jardin Escultórico Puerto Los Cabos during ZsONAMACO. This year, more than 77,000 visitors and 200 exhibitors appeared at the event. For 2024, that record is set to be surpassed.

NFTs Rise Again

Through efforts such as the artist grants it lays on, the Palm Foundation is doing its bit to advance emerging artists who have yet to receive the recognition their talent deserves. It’s also helping to further normalize digital art while building bridges with the traditional art world. The collaboration with Patio by ZsONAMACO arrives at a time when interest in NFTs is surging as more money flows into crypto and permeates the non-fungible token market.

The Palm Network continues to host regular NFT mints by accredited artists, whose work can be acquired on its NFT-optimized blockchain. The Palm Foundation has aided the network’s growth while gaining a reputation for supporting historically marginalized communities. This allows it to champion art from voices that have traditionally struggled to be heard. In the process, it’s driving down the barriers to digital art creation, curation, and collection. 

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