Polkadot and Metacade – new blockchain projects in 2023

Whilst we have seen the mighty fall in this current bear market. This gives room to some of the lesser known projects and blockchains who may otherwise be overshadowed in the media limelight.

Divert your attention over to these 2 new up and coming names. Polkadot is a blockchain that is ready to be catapulted into stardom if plans go well from the blockchain team. Then there is Metacade, a newly announced Web3 gaming platform that is trying to revolutionize both crypto gaming and gaming as a whole.

Read on further to find out more about some of the best looking names coming out of crypto gaming and how you can get in on the action to secure those early gains and gaming memories!

Polkadot the Blockchain to look out for

Polkadot is an undisputed blockchain providing state of the art technology that allows communications between different blockchains. This is through their interoperability model.

Polkadot is often considered the Ethereum killer due to the fast transaction speeds and the lower gas fees. Something that ethereum has been scrutinized for historically.

Overall the price of Polkadot has been able to 3x as the token is a considerable hit amongst traders to this date. November 2021 saw highs of $52, a 2500% increase from its initial $2 starting price.

It currently sits at around $6 respectively.

Image Credit | Polkadot

While we are seeing more and more well established brands utilize web3 technology the use Polkadot can bring forward with its interoperability will be a godly feature. Different blockchains can communicate effectively with one another creating a smoother experience via the blockchain list for both consumers and brands.

As blockchain gaming advances we have seen some great titles being hosted on the Polkadot blockchain. Some of them include:

  • Domi Online
  • Archeworld
  • Polkapets
  • Exeedme
  • Neroverse
  • Polychain Monsters

Be sure to check them out if you want to experience new ways of playing on the blockchain and start earning today! Be sure to give these titles a thorough research before you do start to invest, just so you know what you are getting yourself into.


Gaming platforms in web2 have come second to none to Steam and more so recently to Epic Games Store. Web3 however is looking to shift the way we approach gaming in both gameplay and social aspects.

Metacade is soon to be THE hub for metaverse gaming as the new updates for the platform are set to roll out over the coming months leading into 2023.

Powered by the $MCADE token built on the ERC20 network. Players will be able to contribute to the platform to earn the respected token. Whether you share reviews of your favorite games, share gamefi related alpha or climb your way to the top of leaderboards you can earn lucrative MCADE token rewards through your engagement.

One thing we recommend you pay attention to is the developer lead features hosted by Metacade. These are due to be released in 2023 and will be groundbreaking for the Web3 gaming space.


Image Credit | Metacade

Whilst many previous platforms such as Steam tend to take a large portion of profits from dev teams, Metacade is looking to change this traditional model. The ‘Metagrant Scheme’ is going to be a groundbreaking addition to the platform as the highest rated new projects by fans will be entitled to grants for future development of their games. Putting both players and teams before their own brand growth and profits. Amazing stuff.

Here are a few other ways that the Metacade ecosystem will be sustained long term:

  • Advertising Revenue
  • Tournaments/Events/Prize draws
  • Job Listings
  • Pay to Play arcade
  • Game testing and access to community


The official pre-launch of Metacade’s token has gone live! This is a perfect time to get in on the action at a crucial early point. Avoiding any future fomo if you like the sound of this project.

A total of 1.4 billion $MCADE tokens will be available over 9 stages. A 70% accumulation of the token’s full distribution. The early you buy the cheaper the token will be, meaning the higher the potential returns may be if the project gains traction going into the future.

For 1 USDT you can get 125 MCADE in return, with the final stage of release seeing you get 50 MCADE for 1 USDT.

To learn more about Metacade and what’s to come from them, be sure to visit their official site. Here you will find out more about their blockchain esports gaming platform and their upcoming giveaways in celebration of the release.

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