Q&A: Bitcoin Cycle, BTC Macro, PE & PEGs, Celsius/Nexo + more


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00:00 Introduction
00:33 Is the 4-year cycle in play, where we will have an accumulation phase for 2022-2023? Or will the crypto markets go risk on again when the fed pivots?
00:50 Bitcoin’s Past 2 Bear Market Cycles
01:48 Bull, Bear and Recovery
04:00 When is Blue Box Time?
05:25 Bitcoin was created and has existed in near-zero interest rate conditions since 2008. Can it survive and prosper in high-interest rate conditions?
05:55 Bitcoin and High-Interest Env.
06:40 US Debt Clock
07:33 US Debt as Percent of GDP
08:30 Can you discuss what you look for in traditional metrics such as P/E, Sharpe, Future P/E, PEG Ratio, etc.?
09:00 PE Ratio Tesla
10:00 PEG Ratio eg Tesla
10:50 Tesla Sharpe Ratio vs S&P 500
11:21 Layer 1 SCP Performance & Sharpe Ratios
13:10 Visual Price Change vs BTC & Sharpe
14:30 Since Amazon had a split is it worth it to get involved or should I stick with MSTR and Tesla?
15:00 AMZN Recession Proof?
16:00 AMZN Global Expansion
16:40 But International Expansion is Costly
17:25 AMZN Chart at 200 WMA
18:40 What about Celsius? Could it cause another Luna-type event if they declare bankruptcy?
19:00 My Celsius Math (Very Provisional)
20:34 Celsius Top Wallets from catscatscode
21:42 If moving BTC to a cold storage wallet is the safest place, how can we trust moving it onto an exchange in the future (to sell it, etc)? Is there a chance that exchanges may not have the money to pay out custom when it is worth more years from now?
22:00 Can an Exchange Run out of Money?
23:18 I’d like to know more about Celsius vs Nexo. Nexo appears to be safer than Celsius and even made an offer.
23:46 Nexo Safer than Celsius?
25:35 Is holding WBTC 100% equal to holding BTC? Why so?
25:50 Does Wrapped Bitcoin = Bitcoin?
27:18 Say China invades Taiwan, what is the probability that USA & West start to impose sanctions on China? Feel like this could cripple the global economy.
27:40 China Invading Taiwan?
28:55 China has other issues
29:53 Do you use or recommend budgeting software to keep tabs on your financials (e.g., YNAB, Quicken, Personal Capital, etc)?
30:10 Software
30:50 Can you rank the five Tool albums in order that you enjoy the most?
31:00 Tool Albums Ranked by IA
32:00 Your Contributions, Our Donations
32:30 1Bridem – What is the best way to make short term money consistently so I can be free from my 9-5. What is the best strategy for this? And best way to learn?
34:30 BreakBeatStu – just a thank you pal
34:40 Crypto Skeeter – Can you please explain exactly why there is a discrepancy between ETH and staked ETH
36:05 Shelley H – Could Celsius pay users out in stETH or WBTC?
36:44 Bob – could you put together a fiat compendium? I’d love to see how different fiat currencies around the world compare to one another.
37:30 Bill Whammers – you da man, James
38:00 Clint Downing – For the animals! thanks for all you do. Appreciate all the hard work.
qSxhawk – Why do you think there is not a coordinated attack to push BTC down to the Celsius liquidation price?

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