Weekly Q&A: Whales, Correlation, Pairs, GBTC, Google Arb + more

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00:00 Introduction – Pink Floyd and Dark Side of the Moon
01:30 Key Quote – George Soros – you make most money from Truly awful to merely bad
02:30 How is it possible for price to remain where it is when the number of 10k BTC wallets is exploding?
02:50 greater than 10K Wallets Buying
03:46 Short Answer is 100 to 10K Are Selling
04:52 Miners Selling
06:40 What would need to happen for BTC to be completely uncorrelated to all other asset classes?
06:50 Macro Backdrop Today
08:00 BTC SPX Correlation Last 5 Years
09:22 With more institutions buying BTC, what’s the potential we’ll see an increasing amount of market manipulation that will keep the price permanently suppressed?
09:35 Institution Suppressing Bitcoin Price
11:13 At what point do we stop looking at crypto/dollar pairs and only look at BTC pairs for true long term value?
11:22 M2 Money Supply 3 to 22 in 30 years
12:00 Price of Eggs in USD
12:30 Price of Eggs in Satoshis
13:47 DCA’ing Since 2015
14:30 What’s your uncensored opinion on crypto banter’s view that a spot GBTC ETF will result in a massive 200k coin dump in the BTC market?
15:15 Impact of a GBTC Dump post Spot ETF
17:35 Fidelity 401K and 20% for Bitcoin w 8 T AUM
18:45 What to do with LINK and MATIC? Is it worth holding them or switch to faster horses like SOL?
19:00 LINK vs BTC Performance Since Jan 2021
19:40 MATIC vs BTC since Jan 2021
20:00 LINK Good News – Whales Feasting
20:20 LINK:ETH Bleeds down 79% since Jan 21
20:40 LINK vs MATIC
21:54 Many of us are over 50% down. Can you show us 3 options we can take to fix this, that could work?
22:10 First as always – pls DYOR
23:25 We Will Zoom Out For Perspective
24:00 Zooming Out My Main Holdings since 2001
24:27 My Main Holdings Last 12 Mths + SOL
25:28 Conclusion
26:30 Is there any chance the ETH merge will drop Ethereum back into the “security” bucket?
26:45 Ethereum to Become a Security?
27:55 How can we ensure centralized exchanges are not selling BTC they don’t have?
28:00 Exchanges Bitcoins Not Covered?
29:17 I noticed the discrepancy between googl and goog. Is there a way to play this? Ex: if you want to own google anyway why not trade them back and forth and make the spread?
29:42 GOOG:GOOGL Arbitrage
30:53 Solana is a massive player in NFT industry. As the NFT craze seems to wind down, will it take down Solana with it?
31:00 SOL NFT Action is Mixed
31:52 ETH NFT Action is Down More
32:44 Solana Projects with most DAUs
33:32 Your Contributions, Our Donations
34:00 MT You’re the Man, James!
35:00 FutureMillionaire At these prices any Alts get your attention?
36:00 trustno1 What do you think of Silvergate Bank for a play on Stablecoin and Bitcoin institutional banking?
37:20 CourageTheCowardlyDog Do you have trust in Chinese brands (laptops, smartphones..) when accessing exchanges or hot wallets?
38:10 Alex I should have sold SOL in early April at $140 and now I’m down big. SOL is 80% of my portfolio and would like to continue to HODL and DCA. In your opinion (NFA) are these good levels to DCA?
41:00 Marine0331 I am 50% down on BTC, SOL and ETH. Ride this out or sell and take the chance it will crash more and buy back in? 3 year plan
42:07 Reed Richards How does Near stack up against SOL on your compendium?
44:13 Cece ​ETH under 1600 are we in trouble – STETH depegging
45:40 Bombiggy I’m sure almost everyone knows this. You can make good money in a down/bear market. You do not have to see all your gains decrease. Just educate and only invest what you can lose. Love ya all🙏😘

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