“When NFTs fuc** died”- Asmongold talks about crypto and NFT’s recent massive crash

In an interesting turn of events, Twitch streamer and OTK founder Zack “Asmongold” has finally broken his silence on cryptocurrency and NFT’s recent massive crash in the market. During the most recent livestream, Asmon celebrated the massive dip in both crypto and NFTs as he’s been a constant opponent of the technology since its inception.

Notably, this is not the first time the streamer has spoken against NFTs and crypto. Back in February 2022, Asmon compared NFT trends to Astrology, claiming that they are even dumber than astrology and how the new technology is nothing more than a scam.

Taking a hilarious dig at the massive crash, the streamer notes:

“You know what? It doesn’t matter how I feel, I’m not gonna miss the day where NFT’S f****** died. “

Asmongold lauds ongoing NFT crash in the market

During the most recent livestream, Twitch star Asmongold broke into a mini rant on cryptocurrency and NFT’s recent crash in the market. The cryptocurrency market has recently collapsed entirely, losing nearly all of its value in just 24 hours.

As fans might already know, Asmon has always been an opponent of crypto and NFT investment. He provided an ecstatic reaction to its most recent freefall.

During his May 13, 2022 livestream, the 30-year-old streamer admitted that he hadn’t planned to go live today, but when he heard about the recent crypto crash in the market, he couldn’t help but turn the camera on. Cracking up with immense joy, the streamer hilariously notes:

“Oh my god, I can’t f****** , I can’t miss this day. Oh man, yeah, that’s right, I am watching it. All those red, all those red numbers man. “

Asmon even talked about NFT investment and why crypto is crashing at this point. Reading some of the tweets regarding the massive dip, he notes

“I’m sorry, maybe this makes me a terrible person but I literally don’t f****** care. I think these people are just morons.

He continued:

I never feel bad for people who lose their money in this stuff. Because you’re betting on nothing. And as soon as people realize it’s nothing, they start selling and the price goes down.”

Giving his final thoughts on the crash, the Twitch streamer talked about NFT risks and how stupid it is to invest in this.

“It has no intrinsic value. If everybody thinks it’s not worth anything, well, then it’s not wort anything.”

Fans react to Asmongold’s take on recent NFT crash

As expected, Asmon’s reaction to the recent crash in the market elicited a wave of reaction from viewers. Unsurprisingly, this started a debate in the comment section since there are people who favor one side over the other.

With the issue still fresh, it seems like more comments are expected to roll out over time.

Fans react to Asmongold's take on recent NFT crash (Image via- Asmongold TV/YouTube)
Fans react to Asmongold’s take on recent NFT crash (Image via- Asmongold TV/YouTube)
Fans chime in on Asmongold's take  (Image via- Asmongold TV/YouTube)
Fans chime in on Asmongold’s take (Image via- Asmongold TV/YouTube)

The YouTube video has already gone viral on YouTube, fetching over 200k views and 2710 comments in just a couple of hours. Notably, NFTs and crytocurency are a hot topic of debate on the internet right now.

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Some feel like they are a good investment and can change the whole game within a few days while others claim that it’s just a scam and is terrible for the entire environment.

This is certainly a polarizing discourse, but as far as Asmon is concerned, it’s inane and over for good.

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